What is the Student Alumni Association (SAA)?

The Student Alumni Association (SAA) was established in 1989 as a student group with the mission to advance student and alumni relations. While networking with alumni is a focus of SAA, the organization also provides opportunities for students to participate in campus traditions - such as Pajamarino, a UC Davis tradition for over 90 years, and service events that help UC Davis students, Davis community members and future Aggies. SAA also provides leadership opportunities through their Board of Directors and Ambassador Program.

What type of programs and benefits are offered by SAA?

SAA programs and events take place throughout the year and new programs are continually being developed. One of the most popular programs is the Alumni-Student Aggie Dinner, which allows students to connect with other UC Davis alumni in career fields they may have interest in. SAA also participates in many community service events each year, such as Together We Can which is a canned food drive that helps support ASUCD's Pantry program, as well as fun, social traditions like Bowling Night and Pajamarino. In addition to the programs SAA has to offer, there are many discounts and benefits, including 10% off textbooks at the UC Davis Stores and on UC Davis imprinted clothing and merchandise, discounts at Woodstock’s Pizza, Davis Creamery and much more. For more information about these and other benefits, visit our Membership Discount page.

How can I join SAA?

You can join SAA by signing up online or in person at the Alumni Center

What is the SAA Fee Pledge?

The SAA Fee Pledge was a way for students to join the Student Alumni Association (SAA) while in school and become fully paid life members of the Cal Aggie Alumni Association (CAAA) upon graduation. Students could opt into the Fee Pledge and will automatically become a member of SAA, with access to all the benefits of the program. The fees are distributed through quarterly MyBill charges. Once membership dues are paid, graduated students become life members of CAAA, with access to all benefits.

What is the Cal Aggie Alumni Association (CAAA)?

The Cal Aggie Alumni Association represents more than 33,000 dues-paying members who take pride in UC Davis and want to maintain their ties with the university. The alumni association's mission is to create lifelong ambassadors for UC Davis and enrich the lives of alumni, students and friends worldwide. 

What sorts of programs and benefits are offered by the Cal Aggie Alumni Association (CAAA)?

By becoming a member of CAAA you are joining a network of over 250,000 alumni. Some of the many programs that CAAA has to offer include joining an alumni chapter or network and participating in events that range from local baseball games to mixers and visiting lecturers. Other programs include becoming an Alumni Ambassador to support student recruitment opportunities and sharing your UC Davis experience with incoming students at Student Send Offs. CAAA members also have the opportunity to read scholarship applications and help distribute scholarships to over 30 regions throughout California, Oregon and Washington. CAAA also promotes various community service activities throughout the year,  such as the Earth Day clean-up, volunteering at local soup kitchens and much more. In addition to the programs CAAA has to offer, there are many discounts and benefits, including 10% off at the UC Davis Stores on UC Davis imprinted clothing and merchandise, discounts on test prep courses and on courses through UC Davis Extension, discounts on hotels and rental cars and many other local and national discounts.

How much does a CAAA life membership cost if you choose not to sign-up for SAA while attending UC Davis?

Recent graduates are offered a discounted membership for five years after graduating. During this time dues are, $425 for life membership or $30 for an annual membership. After the recent graduate period (five years after graduation), a life membership costs $850 and an annual membership is $60.

Why is joining the SAA as a student a better way to join the alumni association?

SAA membership conversion to CAAA life membership is easy! Our installment plans ensure your status as an active member. While you are an SAA member you can take advantage of all programing,events and benefits. The intent this is to eliminate the need for recent graduates to come up with a large sum of money to join the alumni association and stay connected to UC Davis.

Where does the money from SAA dues go?

Money from dues is used to provide membership benefits for SAA and CAAA members.  One half of the fee is used for event programming and benefit services while the other half goes into a Life Member Reserve Endowment to enable CAAA to provide a baseline of benefits to life members through the course of their lives. 

Why is it so expensive?

A life membership for recent graduates is $425. Five years after graduation, the amount increases to $850. The Fee Pledge, requested by student leaders, allows for a cost effective way of connecting with other Aggies for life without a large investment required during the transition from student to alum. 

How do I get my membership key tag?

In most circumstances, your key tag is issued to you at the time you sign up. If that didn’t happen, please email to request your key tag or go to the Walter A Buehler Alumni Center to pick it up. Your key tag is necessary to get into all SAA affiliated events and is required to access many of the benefits and discounts. Note: If you lose your key tag the first replacement is free, $5 will be charged for additional replacements. 

Who can join SAA??

Any active undergraduate student can join SAA. You can also join at anytime that you like! 

When I graduate how do I access my CAAA membership?

If you have completed paying your membership dues you will receive your membership card when you pick up your graduation package before commencement ceremonies. If there is a balance remaining on your membership you can pay it off or set up a monthly credit card installment plan. Upon receipt of a confirmed payment method CAAA will issue you the appropriate membership card, giving you access to all the member benefits and discounts.  

What if I decide not to activate my CAAA membership after graduation?

Graduates have up to two years to activate their life membership, accessing dues already paid while in school. After the two year period after graduation the dues paid towards the membership will be forfeited if the CAAA membership is not activated.

What if I decide to cancel my membership?

In order to opt out of the program, you must come in person to the CAAA office located in the Walter A. Buehler Alumni Center in person and fill out a cancelation form, confirming your decision to opt out, and turn in your key tag. A cancelation fee of $35 will be issued if the key tag is not returned. 

Can I cancel online or over the phone?

No, you must come in to the CAAA office located in the Walter A. Buehler Alumni Center in person and fill out a cancelation form, confirming your decision to opt out, and turn in your key tag. A cancelation fee of $35 will be issued if the key tag is not returned. 

Can I cancel at anytime?

Yes, you may cancel at any time, but the cancelation will not take effect until the following quarter for which you submit a completed cancelation form and return your key tag. Previous payments are not refundable but you do have access to the credit paid towards the membership for up to two years from cancelation.  Cancelation must be received prior to August 1st, November 1st and February 1st of each academic year to be applied to the next quarter following each of those months.

Where can I find a full list of the membership benefits?

You can find a full list of the membership benefits here.